PALA is a Design-Driven Company promoting design values in every crafted product. Furthermore, PALA also bears a mission to make the best use of Nusantara’s potential to be transformed into a contemporary product that is accessible for all. One approach that we are currently implementing is presenting local culture stories and transforming them into crafting concepts. Nusantara with its rich diversity in distinct colors and patterns serves as manifestation and source of inspiration in the process of our product creation. Moreover, Nusantara is as well established by the spirit of its local people who are skillful in creating pieces of art by using the local resources provided by the surroundings.



Our biggest source of inspiration is Indonesia itself, for it provides plenty things we can highlight to be our product theme, starting from its distinct natural resources, folklores, customs and so on. Subsequently, during the designing process, we realize that “one product does not fit for all” and we are well aware with our diverse customers and their various fashion tastes. Driven by this reason, our products are crafted with minimal and neutral design, without visibly ornate ornament, to fit the customers with our brand’s style, including its logo location that is small and hidden.




Products of PALA, like watch, are a unique combination of 20% modern process utilizing CNC (Computer Numerical Control) to guarantee its precision and 80% manual craftsmanship by our best craftsmen who are experienced in wood and leather processing for more than 5 years. We would like to maintain the dominating portion of craftsmanship in order to maintain the mutual relationship between the craftsman and the nature. Furthermore, we can also assure that every PALA watch is only made of selected local materials from Indonesia.

We hope you find what matters, too.


Address Kaum Cipaganti Street No 44/35A Bandung, West Java - Indonesia
phone +62-8212-999-494-6
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