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Posted by: Riska Maharlika || On: 13 Dec 2016

Watch product is created to meet the need of self-actualization of urban citizens. Functioning beyond mere time indicator, Pala watch has a profound concept as a medium of a story telling about the cultural richness of Nusantara. This story will in fact take you to a new personal experience to become a mediator of reintroducing Pala to the global eyes.


Posted by: Riska Maharlika || On: 03 Dec 2016

Pala Nusantara is inspired by a species of plantation, Pala (nutmeg - Myristica fragrans) and Nusantara, meaning a broad landscape or archipelago and oceans originated from the eastern part of the world.

The word Pala refers to a spice fruit found in the East part of Indonesia, precisely in the islands of Maluku. Pala has a profound and long story, playing a paramount role in the history of Nusantara’s greatness in the global eyes, especially in those of the western world. At that juncture, Pala was perceived as the golden fruit, resulting the price of a kilo of Pala cost more than a kilo of gold. This indicates the great value of Pala for the western people (Europeans) as their life’s complementary supply. 


Posted by: Riska Maharlika || On: 02 Dec 2016

Talking about Indonesian cultures is like diving a bottomless sea. Broadly spanning across the horizon, Indonesia is granted with an abundance of natural and human resources, spread in both great and small islands.

If we navigate the map to the western part of Java island, we will encounter a tribe prominent for its uniqueness, namely Baduy. Geographically, Baduy inhabits an area roughly 40 kilometers away from Rangkasbitung, specifically in Kanekes, Lebak Regency, Banten. Due to their uniqueness, Baduy often becomes a destination for tourists who want to get more insight about its culture.


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