Watch product is created to meet the need of self-actualization of urban citizens. Functioning beyond mere time indicator, Pala watch has a profound concept as a medium of a story telling about the cultural richness of Nusantara. This story will in fact take you to a new personal experience to become a mediator of reintroducing Pala to the global eyes.

Born from an emotional interest in the colorful cultural richness of Nusantara and the passion to open a new and considerable horizon, Pala promotes fun, simple and exclusive concept in every product. Exclusively designed for its customers with unique yet classy personality, Pala offers a different perspective in appreciating the beauty of Indonesian unique cultures without taking quality and originality for granted.

Thus, as an attempt to attain the desired quality, a Pala watch has to a long design process. The design has to involve a research in order to assure the user’s comfort and accentuate the excellent visual shape, highlighting the primary materials – wood and leather. Pala watch is 80% made by skillful Indonesian craftsmen, beginning from the cutting, shaping, wood and leather finishing, to assembling them until it’s ready to wear.

The inspiration to create DASI originated from the expertise of Indonesian local craftsmen in transforming local wood into various high quality products. We see an opportunity to use alternative materials on bow tie that we design using Indonesian distinct wood as materials. This successfully gives an unprecedentedly unique touch that makes Dasi serves beyond a fashion item but also a piece of art.

The process of creating DASI is 100% done by our local wood craftsmen. We also make sure of every inch of DASI is only made of selected Indonesian wood for high quality and durability purpose.


Riska Maharlika

Riska Maharlika berprofesi sebagai seorang tutor Bahasa Inggris serta penerjemah baik untuk individu maupun institusi. Hobi menulisnya ia tuangkan dengan menjadi kuli tinta paruh waktu -- berdeskripsi melalui artikel-artikel dwibahasa bertemakan jelajah nusantara dan dunia.


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