Pala Nusantara is inspired by a species of plantation, Pala (nutmeg - Myristica fragrans) and Nusantara, meaning a broad landscape or archipelago and oceans originated from the eastern part of the world.

The word Pala refers to a spice fruit found in the East part of Indonesia, precisely in the islands of Maluku. Pala has a profound and long story, playing a paramount role in the history of Nusantara’s greatness in the global eyes, especially in those of the western world. At that juncture, Pala was perceived as the golden fruit, resulting the price of a kilo of Pala cost more than a kilo of gold. This indicates the great value of Pala for the western people (Europeans) as their life’s complementary supply. 

The prominence of Pala started its global spread in 1500-1600. The virtue of Pala spread as news and a hidden treasure.  This result in an avalanche of western people competing to obtain a great quantity of Pala.  For this reason, Nusantara transformed into a main destination for explorers to embark on expeditions as an attempt to get a grip and take over Nusantara. 

Pala Nusantara carries the same spirit to reintroduce the history of Pala to both local and international platforms, that our product is a manifestation of the history of Pala, embodying high quality and strong identity of Nusantara.

Stories of local cultures adopted into crafting concept have been the foundation of the creation of Pala Nusantara products. Nusantara with its rich diversity in distinct colors and patterns serves as manifestation and source of inspiration in the process of our product creation. Moreover, Nusantara is as well established by the spirit of its local people who were skillful in creating pieces of art by using the local resources provided by the surroundings.

This notion is transformed into quality products such as wooden watches and bow ties, promoting the spirit of Nusantara. Supported by the local craftsmanship, Pala Nusantara keep does not lose its identity as the product of Nusantara.

Riska Maharlika

Riska Maharlika berprofesi sebagai seorang tutor Bahasa Inggris serta penerjemah baik untuk individu maupun institusi. Hobi menulisnya ia tuangkan dengan menjadi kuli tinta paruh waktu -- berdeskripsi melalui artikel-artikel dwibahasa bertemakan jelajah nusantara dan dunia.


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