Today, it seems that everything is being challenged. People are faced with commodities that are indistinguishable. Products, user, technology and pricing are in the same level of each other. PALA believes that the differences can be recognised in the brand, the user perception and the feel of a company.

We believe that successful products are depend on whether the product is able to elicit a distinctive and appropriate experience to the users.

To achieve that goals, PALA uses DESIGN approach to do a “out-of-the-box” thinking and new methods of problem solving. for creating a distinct, new and meaningful product to our customers.

“Redefining the Nusantara’s Cultural Richness through design to explore a new value of products”


Geographically wise, Nusantara grows and develops within a tropical climate, where wood is one of the abundant and renewable resources. From time to time, wood is always chosen to be the primary material in meeting their daily needs. For this reason, it is fair to say that wood is crucial for Indonesian people to be processed into a valuable product, implementing unique techniques, distinct to many different districts.

Expertise of local craftsmen from particular districts becomes the strength of product in Nusantara to be reckoned by the world. More than just a product created by handy craftsmen, our product bears profound cultural and historical contents to as a medium to tell the birth of tradition in their origins.


Address Kaum Cipaganti Street No 44/35A Bandung, West Java - Indonesia
phone +62-8212-999-494-6
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