We created DASI with inspiration coming from Indonesian local craftsmen with their high skill in turning local wood material to a lot of different high quality products. We thought why not, switching the material for our unique bowtie to delicate Indonesia wood material. It sure gives a unique touch like never before that made DASI is not just another fashion items, but also a state of art.


Born from a tight emotional connection with colorful culture of Indonesia and a desire to introduce its underrated potentials as a new world horizon, PALA wants to be known as a brand with fun, simple and elegant concept. A special creation dedicated to your unique but classy character, PALA offers you a whole new perspective in appreciating the beauty of Indonesian culture without compromising either the quality or originality.

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Address Kaum Cipaganti Street No 44/35A Bandung, West Java - Indonesia
phone +62-8212-999-494-6
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