Jawa (Javanese) is a tribe prominent for their powerful but humble disposition, giving PALA Cokelat watch an exlusive identity. The name Jawa originates from a species of plant called Jawi, granted by a king in the year 350 BC. The Javanese are experts of expedition and trade that eventually built a whole new civilization in Nusantara. On PALA Cokelat watch, we adapt the color of soil as the symbol of Javanese people in thinking and acting. All that greatness is planted into PALA Cokelat watch, adjusting its user who has adventurous and courageous personality in unveiling the magnificence of Indonesian culture.


The creation of PALA watch involves a unique combination of 40% modern process utilizing CNC (Computer Numerical Control) to guarantee its precision, persisted by 60% manual craftsmanship by our best craftsmen who are experienced in wood and leather processing for more than 7 years. Furthermore, we can also assure that every PALA watch is only made of selected local materials from Indonesia with undoubted quality and durability.


Born from an emotional interest in the colorful cultural richness of Nusantara and the passion to open a new and considerable horizon, Pala promotes fun, simple and elegant concept in every product. Exclusively designed for its customers with unique yet classy personality, Pala offers a different perspective in appreciating the beauty of Indonesian unique cultures without taking quality and originality for granted.

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