Pusaka Abhisana GADA (PRE ORDER)

  • Pusaka Abhisana is inspired some kinds of historical weapon used by kings in Nusantara. These weapons gives charm and charisma to their holders, that consequently the patih (the war leader) always used Pusaka Abhisana as their valuable weapon when leading their soldiers to hypnotize anyone they encountered.

    Gada is one of the most powerful weapons used by Gods and Nusantara’s kings to conquer one’s throne as well as a great symbol of charm. Gada is round in shape and made of brass, representing the power of Gada.


    Abhisana Gada inspired us to craft an article to become a symbol of masculinity, power and bravery of a man to get up and make a choice for his life. It is hoped that Pusaka Abhisana Gada can become an everyday powerful identity for modern Indonesian men who are essentially the future warriors of Nusantara.

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