PALA Gawai Custom Long Lace

  • Gawai by PALA is a signature customized for you and by you. Gawai will let you deliver message to your significant other. To your family, friends, love ones and crew members.

    Handcrafted from maple with its distinct features, Gawai's available in five colors unique to PALA's identity. Gawai will not only be a time-keeping instrument, but also shows your personality by simply showing how you place it. On your bag, on your neck, as a key chain, you name it.

    Oh, you would love to share it with others too, because that's what a Gawai is for. Translated from the English word of "device" or "gadget"; Gawai is your tool in delivering message of love, of friendship or of camaraderie.

Select Your Gawai Color
Select Your Long Lace Color
Baby Pink
Baby Blue
Dark Fuchsia

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