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  • Suku Bugis-Makassar’s Aksara Lontara is an identity adapted from aksara Brahmi. Significant numbers of these manuscripts of Aksara Lontara’ were found written on palm leaves rolled up resembling that of a recording tape. Lontara’ keep records of ancestry, civilization, and day to day life of predecessor’s life in South Sulawesi. Bugis tribe predetermine their activities planning based on occasion known to be good or bad days (Kutika). Kutika is an ancient manuscript that describes certain events and usually used to observe good days, as a reference for a perfect time to perform ceremonies and astronomical symbols for farming.

    Padung-padung is an earpiece worn by women of Suku Batak Karo as a social status symbol. Made out of gold or silver, the jewelry has a distinct spiral shape. Regretfully, Padung-padung’s has since seen better days in term of their function as the identity of Karo’s women.

    Inspired by these concepts of astrology and culture of Nusantara, Lontara’ Kutika and Padung-padung are the harmonious manifestation of the way people of Suku Bugis-Makassar interpreting the majesty of celestial objects and the height of civilization once the women of Suku Batak Karo held. Pusaka Ārkāyana is designed to observe the perspectives of both tribes in implementing Lontara’ Kutika and Padung-padung in important aspects of their lives, and to respect the customs of their ancestors.