Pusaka Abhisana Yanu

  • Pusaka Abhisana is inspired some kinds of historical weapon used by kings in Nusantara. These weapons gives charm and charisma to their holders, that consequently the patih (the war leader) always used Pusaka Abhisana as their valuable weapon when leading their soldiers to hypnotize anyone they encountered.

    Yanu is taken from Sanskrit language, meaning arrowhead. Arrowhead, since long ago, has become one of the most powerful weapons to attack enemies from distance. In the story of puppetry and Nusantara’s empires, arrowhead symbolizes a woman with precision, patience, and sharp thinking in deciding time and target accuracy.

    Abhisana Yanu inspired us to craft an article to become an heirloom for women. Hip-shaped and bright color symbolize the identity of Nusantara’s women who are currently striving in this modern era. It is hoped that Pusaka Abhisana Yanu can become an everyday powerful identity for modern Indonesian women who are essentially the future warriors of Nusantara.

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