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The Arwana fish or the so-called dragon fish due to its characteristically dragon-shaped head, with its thick & sharp scales, and shiny golden hue colored tails, is an ancient fish from the time of the dinosaurs, which hasn’t changed its shape in millions of years. It is unique in Indonesian culture due to its dragon fish nuance, which is believed to bring good luck and repels bad luck.  For that reason, the Arwana fish has become one of the world’s most expensive exotic fishes, which is highly sought-after by collectors and its ecosystem protected by the Indonesian government. 

The Arwana fish is mostly found in the island of Kalimantan and also known by its local name, Siluk fish.  It is varied in varieties of looks, which is part of the lure for people to collect the Arwana fish as a symbol of prosperity.  PALA adopts all that is unique of this fauna into our product,  PALA Arwana, with the hope of commemorating Indonesia’s rich fauna into the eyes of the world. 

Case size : 40mm x40mm
Strap length : 240mm

HandsBrass (hour, minute, second)
Watch case : Maple wood
Dial : Maple wood
Crown : Maple wood
Strap : Adjustable strap made from water buffalo leather
Strap color : Light blue with white stitching

Movement :
Quartz by Miyota Japan
Water splash resistance

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