PALA Demit Dawuh

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Badarawuhi and Dawuh is a story as old as any dark myth existing. A new found old myth beloved by the new generation. A story that promises joy and glory but with dark attachements to it. Badarawuhi is an entity in search of souls to collect. Souls that once collected will have their dreams fulfilled but riddled with dark gestures and be forced to conduct its bidding.  These souls are called Dawuh.

PALA Demit Dawuh is a token of a contract binding Badarawuhi and Dawuh’s souls. An artefact that give what you’ve promised but paid with the worthiest of possession. Your soul.

Take what you’ve owed – but not for long

Detail Komponen

Case Size : 32 x 32 mm
Strap Length : 220 mm
Strap Width : 20mm

Quartz by Miyota Japan 2035


Body: Eminence-colored Bio Resin
Back case: Squash-colored Bio Resin
Watch Movement Ring : Squash-colored Bio Resin
Dial : Glow In The Dark veneer
Hands : Brass – Lava Red (hour), Golden Yellow (minute), and White (second).
Crown : Maple/Sonokeling
Strap : Eminence Milky Polyester (outside), Silver sand WP Polyerster (inside), Velcro, Paracord, Salad green Nappa leather, and Salad green thread
Crystal : Acrylic dome 28 mm

Every PALA watch is cover under 1 (one) year standard warranty and additional free maintenance after 6 (six) months under this terms and conditions:

1. Limited only to manufacturing defect, this includes machine failure within one year from time of purchase.

2. Battery replacement only covered within warranty period.

3. Warranty will be void or expired if failure or damage are caused by improper use or carelessness.