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Cemani Rooster is a distinctive animal originating from Kedu, Central Java.  

This particular rooster has become the symbol of strength and greatness of Nusantara’s fauna, as it is presented in the legend of Nusantara Empire. 

The word Cemani roots from an ancient Javanese word which means jet black, attached to the rooster due to its all black body features. Feather, beak, comb, bones, even its blood. Instilling the Cemani rooster into a crucial part of custom and traditional rites of the Javanese, functioning as a medium or a connector to the other worlds. 

These distinctive features of Cemani are embodied in our PALA Hitam, bearing the hope to preserve the story of Nusantara’s fauna with the global audience.

PALA Cemani:
Case size : 40mm x 40mm
Strap length : 240mm
PALA Mini Cemani:
Case size : 35mm x 35mm
Strap length : 240mm

Hands : Black-finish brass (hour, minute, second)
Watch case : sonokeling wood
Watch face : sonokeling wood
Crown : brass
Strap : Adjustable strap made from full grain leather
Strap color : Cobalt black with black and red stitching

Movement :
Quartz by Miyota Japan
Water splash esistance

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