PALA Mini Tarsius

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Tarsius Siau is a unique primate, and usually called a ghost animal due to its monkey-shaped face and large rounded eyes. The primate is nocturnal and lives in trees and jumps around them in a fast and long sequence.  Tarsius Siau is native to Siau Island, Sulawesi and is now protected due to its number being recorded under 1000 in the wild.  

Tarsius Siau is a primordial primate with myth surrounding them. This primate is often the symbol of dark witchery for its nocturnal nature and unique sound. Tarsius’s anatomy is kept as a symbol of humbling fauna’s ancestry living side by side with humans. 

PALA Tarsius Siau aspires as a reminder of Nusantara’s fauna riches as one of the oldest and smallest of primates. Symbol of identity and strength for the lovers of Nusantara’s primate to share with the world.   

Case size : 35mmx35mm
Strap length : 240mm

Hands : Brass (hour, minute, second)
Watch case : Sonokeling rosewood|
Dial : Yellow Veneer
Crown : Rosewood with Red Coating
Strap : Adjustable strap made from Fullgrain leather
Strap color : Bright Yellow with Yellow stitching

Quartz by Miyota Japan
Water Splash Resistance

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