PALA X Muklay Ngepet

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There’s no word in English that best describes what a Babi Ngepet is. An urban legend created by the people of Nusantara. An infamous unholy bond with the devil in a desperate attempt to gain wealth, a selfish method where one is given the power to be able to turn their shape into one of that of a pig and steal people’s money just by standing next to their houses. It is said, the ritual would dictate human sacrifice in order to execute the procession.

PALA Nusantara and the artist Muklay collaborate in creating a visual and product design that celebrate this dark legend known throughout Nusantara. PALAxMuklay Babi Ngepet. A product that reminds us of thousands of other stories passed through generations in Nusantara, just like Babi Ngepet. A story passed down either to scare children or is there to tell you, it is real.

Panjang Strap: 250mm (Termasuk buckle)
Case: 40mm x 40mm
Lebar Strap: 24mm
Bezel: 5mm

Case: Maple
Dial: Maple dengan cetakan gambar
Back Case: Maple dengan logo kuningan
Strap: Nappa dengan Cetakan Gambar
Crown: Maple

Quartz by Miyota Japan
Water splash resistance


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